Saskatchewan Blogs To Follow

Blogging is nothing new; it’s been around for almost decades (since 1999, in fact) and there is a reason they are still popular. They are a lot of fun! Both to write and to read. One of the biggest goals of this blog is to support local businesses- and that includes blogs! So we put together a quick list of some blogs that we stumbled across while doing research for this one!

One Income Dollar 

Hello- My name is Monique Fullowka. I live in a small Saskatchewan town. We used to travel 6 months out of the year, till COVID hit, now we are spending more time in Canada till things change.

I am married to Gerry, have 2 grown daughters and a great little Yorkie named Jake! 

Blogging  since 2009- Product reviews, service reviews, giveaways, our travels, DIY home projects family life, personal finance, and so much more.

Product pitches welcome – PR friendly.

 Helen Row Toews

I’m a writer, driver of buses (and other assorted vehicles of size) proud country-dweller and lover of travel. I was born in small town Saskatchewan, Canada. Maidstone to be exact. Mom and dad took me home to the Charolais cattle ranch near Marshall, Saskatchewan with my brother Bill where I grew to love the prairie landscape. My childhood was unremarkable, but from quite a young age I held tightly to a dream. I wanted to be a writer. Sadly, it took fifty odd years to come to fruition, but now I am virtually unstoppable (or so I tell myself).  I have four children who are mostly all grown now, except for Aliyah, my youngest daughter. Aliyah keeps me on track, prevents such things as a swelled head or inflated ego, and keeps a watchful eye on things like the expiry date on food items lest we all perish in some nasty poisoning incident.  

She is also the main photographer throughout this blog.

The Lost Girls Guide To Finding The World

Ashlyn George, supposed-to-be high school teacher turned world travel aficionado, has spent the last 7 years following her curiosity exploring more than 55 countries across 7 continents.

Completing two degrees in 2010 (B.A in English, B.Ed in Secondary Education), she booked a ticket across the world and took off on a planned 5-year solo adventure.

As an adrenaline junkie passionate about the outdoors, her blog offers advice on solo travel while detailing the adventurous side of traveling as a single woman.

An enthusiastic and passionate self-starter, Ashlyn is always looking for her next challenge. In 2015 Ashlyn was the official travel blogger and online personality for the province of Saskatchewan. She used her creative talents to document the unique stories of the people, businesses, and destinations in her own backyard. She shared these adventures through the mediums of film, writing, photography, and social media.

Lights Camera Crohns 

Lights, Camera, Crohn’s covers everything from overcoming struggles to celebrating small victories throughout all parts of the patient journey from diagnosis and beyond. Natalie enjoys sharing stories about pregnancy and motherhood in hopes of comforting and empowering others. Stay tuned for weekly articles every Monday.

The Life Of A Farmer

My name is Jake Leguee, and I am a 3rd-generation farmer from southern Saskatchewan, Canada. I farm with several family members, and we grow canola, durum, wheat, lentils, peas and flax.

I’ve been involved in the agriculture industry for many years, and in that time, I’ve met farmers from around the world and I’ve conversed with policy makers and leadership at all levels. I’ve learned that less than 3% of Canadians farm, and most of them are unable to find good information on what farmers do and why they do it.

This blog is about having a conversation. As a farmer, I will share my views on the challenges we face as a society, with the perspective of someone who makes his living from Mother Nature and world markets dominated by economics, politics , and human emotion. 

Love, Sawyer

Blogger, coffee addict and faithful cat servant. I enjoy blogging about bookish things, self care tips and personal development. My hobbies change with the wind, but I can usually be found reading or sewing.

Kenton De Jong Travel 

My name is Kenton de Jong, and I am a 30 year old Canadian with a love of travel.

Being from Regina, Saskatchewan, I’m used to big fields of wheat, corn, and mustard, as well as northern lakes, cold winters, colourful skies, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Although those things excite me, there’s nothing like the feeling of going into a new city, exploring a new area, or learning something exotic about a far corner of the planet.

Last counted, I have been to over a dozen countries, and two dozen cities. Some are in Canada of course, but some are distant places London, Hiroshima, New York and Hong Kong. My goal is to see over a hundred countries, if my wallet allows me. Being a Buddhist, I believe the majority of troubles in this world are caused by people not understanding each other, either their religion or their political beliefs. Can you imagine a foreigner traveling to Canada in November and seeing people wearing strange red flowers on their jackets? Just because a culture is different doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

If you don’t see your favourite blog (or your blog) on here, let us know! We’ll be putting together another list in the near future, and we would love to add it!

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